First fashion eyewear retail stock

Li said, “After several years of online electricity supplier war, the line after a series of shopping malls after the big shake-up, the cost structure of online and offline has been a convergence. The next era of online and offline real integration will open.”

Li also introduced, changes in the US market for glasses in terms of sound meter is a tonic. US electricity supplier first Warby Parker glasses is the nation’s first retail brand come from online and offline, to become the US retail industry benchmark. Since the opening of retail stores under the first line in 2013, Warby Parker in the United States has set up more than 30 store in New York, San Francisco and Chicago are shops.

“People want to be able to touch and feel the real product.” Warby Parker’s experience shows that the line store will effectively drive sales and thus profits. Revenue data is further supported this decision: The company’s 2014 revenues of more than $ 33 million in 2015, the rapid growth of data to $ 75 million. “For brands, from online to offline, change is the method of operation, but the industry and the same core values.”

Li said, “operations team must be separated, and good retail decades has bred a large number of professionals, if there is more in line with the new era of the brand appears, bringing together talent advantage will be strong. In terms of price, or products and fashion, professional and functional improvement of the brand, these sound meter in the competition has a huge advantage, but the store has a strong advantage of the experience, make it easier for consumers to feel the value, through visual and tactile auditory face service, brand innovation space will be greater. “

Amazing image with sunglasses without pressure

Are glasses Party glasses often kinds of hate to change the coat of trouble? Reading at work want it low-key quiet, when dinner date brightest hope it playful? JINS as well as many styles of fashion eyewear brand glasses, carefully research and design after the party finally reached wish for glasses.

A frame three temples –JINS Airframe SWITCH, easily replace the different styles of the temple, you need to cater to every scene. More than the temples, followed JINS usual styles of glasses features, SWITCH series frame also has a variety of options, you can also mix different styles of clothes and bags, it is worth starting a fashion eyewear.

SWITCH series of temples There are four models: BASIC paragraph temple gives a concise capable of feeling, wear strict enhance flavor; CASUAL shall maintain the temple features lightweight Airframe series is extremely suitable for everyday wear, to enhance the sense of leisure holiday ; sPORTS paragraph temple temples with rubber material, not easy to slide, ideal for cycling, fitness, exercise wear; FORMAL paragraph temple dress exquisite small bow, highlight the elegance, dating to enhance the mood.

JINS addition to design fashion eyewear, but also to secure a good quality glasses. JINS glasses used in all thin aspherical lens, compared to spherical lenses, aspherical lens distortion less natural field of vision, and even if the degree has increased, the lens will not be excessive thickening of the advantages, which does not guarantee the weight of the glasses too heavy. JINS has been using the Japan Quality Assurance, affect the function of each part of the accessories manufactured by Japan, and set up 10 inspection benchmarks. Italian aesthetics allow customers complete peace of mind, while the quality of glasses.

Front glasses makes you more popular

Popular in South Korea as well as North America, Taiwan and South Korea Tide brand glasses “FRONT Fan Erte” stationed in China friends ~ “FRONT” a single design to subvert the traditional glasses, while wearing instantly create a new visual feast, with a prime fashion select.

FRONT glasses are fashion items, it is positive, youth advocates unlimited lifestyle, come join us and experience together in front of sustained high energy Korean struck.

Front Asia as cutting-edge fashion eyewear brand, fashion and dynamic style, a launch will win South Korea, Canada and China Young favorable for consumers, is the pursuit of the trend, with a keen fashion up to the people’s choice, the company business has developed rapidly, as of 2016 the brand has been all over the United States, Canada, Mexico, Malaysia, Taiwan, the shopping centers and fashion buyers shop, sales rose year by holding not less than 40% of the good momentum of rapid development, and ahead of the domestic fashion and top quality international brand of eyewear industry, received wide acclaim in the industry.

The capital of how-owned brands

Shenzhen municipal government attaches great importance to the development of optical industry Longgang District, will create “· Shenzhen Henggang glasses,” regional landmarks brand as an important task. August 2013, Mayor Xu Qin special investigations to Henggang glasses industry development, put forward the “innovation-driven, leading fashion, Extreme brand, quality and marketing,” the 16-character principle, and decided to invest 100 million yuan of funds to support the transformation and upgrading glasses , Longgang District, glasses industry provides a rare historical opportunity.

To promote industrial restructuring and upgrading glasses, since the first half of 2013, led Longgang district authorities embarked on the “national well-known brand of fashion eyewear industry demonstration zone” to declare the work, in November 2013 to submit application materials to the AQSIQ, the same year in December passed the experts will reply, April 30, 2014 approved by the AQSIQ successfully created.

It is noteworthy that, in recent years, Shenzhen took the lead in the implementation of the national quality and strong market strategy, strive to enhance the “Shenzhen quality” to create “Shenzhen standard” casting “Shenzhen brand”, a “Shenzhen credibility” to speed up the completion of modern international innovation city.

Longgang District will create a working demonstration area glasses actively integrate into the urban development strategy, has made outstanding achievements in brand building, the level of quality, core technologies, cross-border integration, and other aspects of industry agglomeration. Create work was led by Mayor Xu Qin instructions and affirmation glasses demonstration area, named Shenzhen, “two” work ten events in 2015.

Eyewear quality has been improved significantly

April 2014, approved by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Longgang District, officially launched “National famous brand fashion eyewear industry demonstration zone” preparatory work. Since the creation of the work carried out, Longgang District, prominent top-level design, brand strategy and quality improvement projects, to create efficient public service platform, the establishment of good public service environment. After create a working demonstration area for two years, Longgang glasses industry has shown a marked progress in building the brand, quality was significantly improved, prominent independent innovation, stimulate cross-border integration of new energy, industrial development and other distinctive characteristics. Future, Longgang District in southern China will become the largest high-end fashion brand glasses and gathering area, formed to Shenzhen as the center, radiation Pearl River Delta and southern China low cost, high efficiency operation of the industrial chain and force of industrial layout; cultivate 10 It has about municipal, provincial brand products and famous trademarks enterprises, forming large quantity, good quality, high-profile brand regional groups; the development of industry standards, the construction industry and public platforms to apply provincial industrial base, to achieve industry standardization and agglomeration development.

Longgang District, on behalf of Mayor Dai Bin inspection team of experts to brief the Longgang District love. Longgang optical industry as one of the traditional advantageous industries, industrial manufacturing advantages, improve the industrial chain, a good basis for industrial development. Create two years, the industry Longgang eyewear industry quality improved significantly, to achieve a situation the value chain extending gradually embarked on the cluster, professional, quality, high-end development. Next, Longgang District, will this acceptance as an opportunity to attach great importance to the issue raised by the inspection team and earnestly rectified, to further promote the demonstration area to enhance the sound to a new level.

Weng Yong Wei said the Longgang District in the creation of the national fashion eyewear industry well-known brand demonstration zone work, create measures solid and strong, created achieved remarkable success, creating a strong brand to create an atmosphere, there are many features and highlights to effectively promote the development of the industry. Fully embodies the city and district levels of government, the relevant departments and the community to attach great importance to the quality of work, relentless pursuit of brand building. He pointed out that to fully understand the well-known brands to create a demonstration area of ​​significance, the inspection team in the field to test the extract for all over the country with reference to the learning management system and method.

Manufacturers speed up transformation and upgrading

In recent days, I visited the Longgang District glasses, deeply felt welcome change to create “national well-known brand fashion eyewear industry demonstration zone” in two years, manufacturers happen.

I came to Shenzhen Hui-ming Optical Co., Ltd. The company is a research and development, production and sales of integrated enterprise frames. “Early in the foundry company dominated the last two years, around the new development model R & D design and brand marketing-oriented, combining to create a ‘national brand demonstration zone’ requirements within the enterprise management, development, quality, brand, social responsibility make the appropriate adjustments and reforms played an immediate effect. “according to the company’s chairman Li teach introduction.

Excellence in performance management, the company imported Performance Excellence in 2015 to rationalize the order of operation.

“We let the staff work their boss.” Li Zhao teach, said: “I began implementation of ‘Genesis and Common Prosperity’ performance management in 2015, which is a contractor to the people, give full play to their enthusiasm, which system since the implementation of , front-line workers income increased significantly, average wage reached 5500 yuan, reached the level of individual employees monthly salary of 12,000 yuan. ”

Currently, Huiming glasses on the one hand agents of the international brand CROCS, gradually opened high-end sales channels. On the other hand, its own brand of Li Bai and I + U on its original channel has accumulated a certain visibility. In addition, the company is also involved in the development of industry standards, product quality to meet international advanced level standards, and access to the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision issued by the adoption of international standards and adopt international standards of product certification mark logo.

Glasses with leading quality

Speaking of “glasses Kingdom”, many people know that in Shenzhen Longgang District, Shenzhen street, where the distribution of hundreds of large and small glasses manufacturers in the past in the production of the world’s top brand glasses per day. However, despite such impressive industrial achievements, Longgang optical industry has never stopped to build national brand dream.

April 2014, approved by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Longgang District, officially launched “National famous brand fashion eyewear industry demonstration zone” to create work. For two years, the strong support of the State Administration of Quality Supervision, the Guangdong Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, the Shenzhen Municipal Government, Shenzhen Market and Quality Regulatory Commission and the Shenzhen CIQ, the Longgang District, the district government attaches great importance comprehensive overall plan to strengthen the organization and the protection of the financial investment, the successful completion of the demonstration area to create a task.

Longgang optical industry to seize the historical opportunity, from the “glasses factory” to “glasses city”, to create a “national well-known brand fashion eyewear industry demonstration zone”, the optical industry Longgang District “evolutionary chain” has marked the industry to upgrade taken a firm pace.

Shenzhen to manufacture started, and now you want to create “Shenzhen Quality” should from the “Made by Shenzhen” to “Created by Shenzhen” promotion. “Glasses Kingdom” gorgeous turn of the road, is a microcosm of a plurality of Shenzhen development of industrial clusters.

National fashion eyewear industry

Reporters recently learned from the Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervisory Authority Longgang Branch was informed Longgang District creates jobs glasses demonstration area actively integrate into the urban development strategy, we have achieved outstanding results in terms of brand building, the level of quality, innovation and so on. Since 2014, the city Henggang glasses AQSIQ approved the establishment of “national fashion eyewear industry well-known brands to create demonstration zone”, after two years of efforts to create, by the end of September this year will mark the formal acceptance of the State Administration of Quality Supervision, then, will It is expected to become the “fashion eyewear industry well-known brands to create a demonstration area.”

After two years of demonstration areas to create work, Longgang District eyewear industry brand building and achieved remarkable results, Longgang District, successfully created “China’s glasses export base.” The “Henggang glasses” was included in the eight specialty Shenzhen, Shenzhen Federation of Industries was awarded the “Shenzhen well-known regional brand.”

According to reports, the demonstration zone enterprises to actively apply striving for brand-name products in Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province and Shenzhen City, well-known brands and Chuxianfengmang. Number of backbone enterprises quite good results, the company Huiming “I + U” frames brand was awarded the 2015 “Guangdong Famous Brand” title, and also won the “Shenzhen well-known brand” title; Shenzhen Bai Qi glasses “Guangdong Province “; Huaqiang glasses (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. P + US (paise) brand won the German industry Forum design Association” IF international Forum design award “, which is Hong Kong and China in the field of glasses first” design Oscar “awards; standard-glasses the company is the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games franchise in 2011, Shenzhen 26th World University Games and other major events of the franchise, currently from a traditional glasses manufacturers to gradually channel O2O business transformation services, professional building to provide visual health visual image services and terminal services chain service brand.

Ray-Ban launched the “Ittakescourage” global brand manifesto activities

The propaganda blockbusters shot in Los Angeles, Zhang Jing from the renowned photographer Mark Seliger, with multiple sets of unique photographs reflect the brand DNA: the courage to do themselves. Here the “courage” is not blind fear, but rather the courage to look firm and decisive share of challenges, but also inspire people to break through the self, and constantly go beyond the limits of the source of strength.

Under the lens heroes courageous but loyal to themselves, they do not dare to embrace perfection, in challenge to stereotypes Vulgar Meanwhile, arbitrary sway talent and emotion, to seek to break the shackles of self, live from my color.

During the event, Ray-Ban brand will be launched in China, “What are they afraid,” the theme of the Declaration, to encourage the younger generation to face evaluation, open your heart, put aside the secular vision, redefining the way of life, to experience the power of courage. Declaration will focus on the theme “Courage” theme, invited young people to share their own social stories.

New interpretation of the spiritual innovation of ray ban

Classic Ray-Ban Clubmaster party of Le Pen and Ray-Ban Round circular fashion Ray-Ban is the source of inspiration for new products. Two classic design language perfect blending, glamorous achievements of 2016 spring and summer series: Ray-Ban Clubround Le Pen party-type people. The new series is designed for keen to express their individuality and charm of modern intellectual elite design, integration of real Ray-Ban classic design elements and classic styles, is to create a modern image, develop their cool trendy fashion secret weapon.

Le Pen also popular in the 80’s original Ray-Ban Gatsby style for a new build. Modern finishes effect, redefine its distinctive style and culture of all-round view mirror style, so that new life bursting out classic glory.

The new circular optics using plastic bag nylon fiber material, and unique personality of Ray-Ban Erika Ray Ban Ai Lika series is put on a modern, all-metal structure contours, new finishes effect flashing cool feeling faint shiny, youthful style to create a fresh image.

Gradient reflective coating new interpretation of the classic Ray-Ban series continue to lead the trend. Delicate black contour gradient reflective coating and the iconic Ray-Ban Aviator Ray-Ban aviator style Hoop becomes a symbol, Ray-BanWayfarer Ray Ban Wayfarer, also simultaneously launched graded reflective coating series, blowing cool whirlwind.